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The Gospel

The gospel is not first and foremost a theology or a teaching.  It is a declaration.  It is the good news of what God has done for sinful people like you and me.  The first Sunday of each month we confess the gospel together in morning worship.  This is what we say:


What is the Gospel?

This is the Gospel, the Good News:

Jesus lived for me.
Jesus died for me.
Jesus rose from the dead for me.

Because He lived for me,
I am clothed in his righteousness, beloved and accepted.

Because He died for me,
the guilt and power of sin are broken.

Because He rose for me,
His resurrection power, the Holy Spirit, now dwells in me.

In Christ, I am now part of God’s family,
a community, called to declare God’s glory.

Jesus lived for us.
Jesus died for us.
Jesus rose from the dead for us.
This is our joy, our hope, our very life.