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Vision Statement

Safe Harbor has been called by God to shine the Life-Transforming Grace and Truth of the Gospel into our own Hearts, to One Another, and throughout our Community.

Core Values

Gospel Joy

The Gospel of grace tells us that we are more sinful and broken than we could have ever imagined and that in Christ we are more loved by God than we could have ever dared to hope. These twin realities mean that we are to be a community constantly growing in humility and in joyful amazement at God’s love.

Gospel Purpose

A life of worship, love, holiness, and freedom grows the more we understand and experience God’s infinite and irrevocable love for sinners like us. We are not compelled by guilt, duty, or trying to measure up.  It is the love of Christ that compels us in all things. In essence, this is what it means to worship God, and such worship defines and fuels every aspect of life at Safe Harbor Church.

Gospel Unity

The Gospel breaks down barriers that would separate us from one another and makes us one.  It is not our age or wealth or education or profession or ethnicity that makes one more acceptable in God’s sight than another.  It is the forgiveness and righteousness of Jesus alone that make us beloved in God’s sight.  We are called to accept one another just as Christ has accepted us.  Therefore, we will not just teach the Gospel but seek to model the Gospel.