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 Operation 10/40 UP-Lift 2011
Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church


Please join us in praying for the world's 40 largest unreached people groups during the 40 days before Easter. The "10/40 UP Lift 2011!" prayer calendar features a countown of days to Easter, highlighting a different unreached people group each day from the smallest group, the Han Chinese of Taiwan, listed on March 15, to the largest unreached people group, the Shaikh-Bengali people of Bangledesh, listed for prayer on April 23.  Easter will be a day of rejoicing in Christ's victory over sin and death and asking the Lord of the Nations to bring the knowledge of His salvation to the ends of the earth, fulfilling His Great Commission through His people for His glory.  "Come Lord Jesus!"

According to the U.S. Center for World Mission, an unreached people group is an "(ethnic) group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize their people group." All of the unreached people groups featured in the "10/40 UP-Lift 2011!" prayer calendar are less than 1.5% Christian.

There are also prayer cards describing each unreached people group which can be downloaded in pdf format and printed.  The cards are a good way to remind you each day to be in prayer.  

As a general guideline for prayer, please ask the Lord of the Harvest to glorify His name by:

* Sending laborers into His harvest field among these peoples and providing all the resources they need to minister.

* Binding the powers in the heavenly realms that are in opposition to these peoples knowing about the beauty of our Messiah, the Lord Jesus, and the salvation He alone brings.

* Opening doors for the gospel for these people groups in their localities and nations.

*Opening of the hearts of the peoples who hear the good news to the glory of Christ Jesus.

* For translation and distribution of the Scriptures and godly literature into the indigenous "heart" languages of all these people groups.

* For the physical protection of all believers and the courage of all believers in these lands to persevere and shine for Jesus despite persecution.

*For strong, Christ-centered indigenous churches to be established that will be both loving and sound in doctrine, with a heart for missions both inside and outside their culture.

* For the physical needs of the poorest among these people groups to be met to the glory of the name of the Lord Jesus.